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Wedding Butterfly Release

The IBBA project is finally complete!  It took quite awhile but we are finished and here is the finished video.

There are so many ways a bride can release butterflies during her wedding.  It is so beautiful to watch the butterflies fly from the release box or envelopes and surround the bride and guest.

What a fun video to create.  I was surrounded by hundreds of butterflies during filming.  So many landed on the brides and surrounding plants even though it was not an overly warm day.  It only reached 82 degrees and at that temperature butterflies we a little too cool to fly far.  They were happy to find someplace in the sunshine and warm up.

This video was created for the International Butterfly Breeders Association and many of the breeder members.

Click on the Video tab to find associated videos.

The associated videos are How to Care for the Butterflies, How to Prepare Butterflies for Release, How to Quickly Warm Butterflies, and How to Create a Lined Release Box.

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