Sometimes in My Dreams

Life in America is anxious, stressed, and can feel hopeless. With the unemployment rates at historical highs of 12% or higher in Florida many people are in distress. These people are fast becoming our lost generation, loosing their jobs, homes, possibly living in abject poverty, filth, and crime. Many are homeless and have slipped into the dark abyss.

One couple in Sarasota, Florida has addressed these issues and has given children, adults, and families a chance to see a different world: the world of hope, success, and confidence to overcome. Justin Spring and Scylla Liscombe have created a therapeutic method of quieting the conscience, which allows creativity to flow “automatically” through the participant. This method allows the participant to express deep emotional conflict and face real-life fears in a safe and creative environment. They call these expressions SoulSpeak, SoulMoves, and DreamStories.

Written and Directed
Kayl C. Perks

Kayl C. Perks

Justin Spring
Scylla Liscomb

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