We tailor every project to meet the needs of our clients.


Creative Services

Every project is unique and deserves to be treated as a one of a kind experience.  We meet with you and discuss your creative needs in depth to help you realize your vision.

We offer a variety of services to create the screenplay, video or photos you desire.Contact us to discuss your creative needs.

Feature Film
Feature Documentary
Short Film
Short Documentary
Web Commercials
Script Coverage
Video Editing
Wedding Video Editing

Day Rate or Project Rate

Rates will be determined by length of time in pre- and post-production, as well as time on set or location, not including travel time.


Meet with client, scout and secure locations, basic storyboarding, and in-depth shot-list. Client must sign off on shot-list before filming will begins.

Production Charges

Director/Director of Photography, Computer with non-linear editing software, Digital HD Video Camera with tripod, 3 light kits with tripods and Softbox filters.

Assistants / Crew

Assistants and Crew will be hired on an as needed basis.

Video Editing and Post-Production

Post-Production Includes: Digital Capture of video to Non-linear editing program, compiling and organizing video clips, and sourcing appropriate music for videos. Client must sign off on music selection for each video.

Transportation and Travel

Transportation and Travel are calculated when Director, DP, and/or Crew must travel more than 25 miles one-way.


Should be provided by client when on set for more than four hours or a per diem of $50 with be charged.

Miscellaneous and Other Fees

May include Permits, Bond Insurance, location insurance, film/digital conversion, or any other expense incurred by OBP on behalf of Client project.


Delivery of one rough cut, on fine cut, and one final cut to be delivered by Obsidian Butterfly Productions on DVD. Videos will be compressed for immediate uploading to client website. Client must give changes in writing and sign off on each level of editing before the next level begins.

Script Coverage

We offer in-depth script coverage at reasonable rates. You will receive a multiple page report with needed changes and suggestions to make your script stronger. Having trouble writing your synopsis? We can help you with that, too.

Contact us  for a quote for any of our services.