Frazzled Travels…Finally an answer

Posted by on Apr 18, 2013 in Current Projects, Films, News


The TV Me Contest finally ended! The last judge finally made some decisions!

We received the critique from the the three judges…
The first judge liked the premise and said the program shows promise. This judge passed our treatment to the next level.
The second judge loved the originality, the tone, and gave us a very high score, which passed our treatment on the the third and final level.
The third judge…well, he gave a good score but let’s just say that he compared our show to The Idiot Abroad which is where Ricky Gervais sends Karl Pilkington on silly and idiotic tasks while traveling abroad, then making fun of Karl.

Whereas Frazzled Travels chooses two strangers, who are first-time travelers, to explore the English countryside for nine days within a fun and funky itinerary presented by the Host of the show, an Englishman with a wicked wit and sense of adventure however, he can be very helpful when he feels like it.

The fun begins when our travelers must cope with challenges and frustrations that follow them from each hotel, bed and breakfast, campsite, restaurant, to the historical, and tourist stops on their itinerary. Sometimes, the challenge is just enjoying the fun and exciting locals offered by the producers!

The shows that won the TV ME Contest where curious choices. Visit EDC Sarasota County for more information about the contest.