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Ringling Bridge

Ringling Bridge Time Lapse

Here’s another time lapse video from around Sarasota.  This time I created a video around the Ringling Fishing Pier and Bridge.  This one I turned black and white and am very happy with the final …

IBBA Poster

Wedding Butterfly Release

The IBBA project is finally complete!  It took quite awhile but we are finished and here is the finished video. There are so many ways a bride can release butterflies during her wedding.  It is …

Lagoon in Roaton, Honduras

Photography Website

Posted by kaylperk on September 1, 2013  /   No Comments

I have just launched my photography website Kayl C Perks Photography.  As I hone my photography skills and create new series, I decided that a separate website is the best answer. I am excited about …

Lightning over Venice Pier, Florida.

Storm Chasing

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Last night I decided to head out and chase a couple of storms that were forming over the Gulf of Mexico.  I ended up at Venice Pier and took this great photo as the lightning …

Last Call Poster

Last Call Tavern

This is a fun neighborhood bar with the coldest beer and full liquor in Bradenton, Florida. I created this video for the Last Call Tavern’s website. This video shows only a small part of the …

TF Poster

Frazzled Travels…Finally an answer

Posted by kaylperk on April 18, 2013  /   No Comments

The TV Me Contest finally ended! The last judge finally made some decisions! We received the critique from the the three judges… The first judge liked the premise and said the program shows promise. This …

Twin Points at Sedona Arizona

Trip to Phoenix and Sedona Arizona

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I had a great vacation in Phoenix to visit with family for my Grandmother’s 93rd birthday.   My Grandmother Belle is a great wonderful woman. I was able to take a day trip to Sedona and …

TF Poster

Frazzled Travels

Posted by kaylperk on March 20, 2013  /   No Comments

Frazzled Travels Warning! Some parts of this program have been edited for television. This show includes but is not limited to whining, crying, tantrums, complaining, throwing and breaking things, being hot, cold, wet, tired, hungry, …

Moon rises over church in Florence, Italy

Frazzled Travels is Still Waiting…

Posted by kaylperk on March 20, 2013  /   No Comments

My co-writer, Stephen Acker and I are still waiting to hear the results from Sarasota’s TV ME contest. They were supposed to have made their decision by the end of February…I contacted the EDC about …

Florence, Italy Street Umbrellas


Posted by kaylperk on March 11, 2013  /   No Comments

Frazzled Travels – A Reality Show We are waiting to hear from Sarasota TVME Contest.  We entered with our Reality Show, Frazzled Travels. The fun in the show begins when our travelers must cope with …