Who we are and what we do


Company Profile

 Mission Statement

To provide quality entertainment in film and multimedia, not only by establishing an independent environment that allows artistic growth and responsibility, but also allows for the most creative environment for all the artists involved in the film making process.

Vision Statement

Over the next few years, Obsidian Butterfly Productions looks to become a leading participant in the independent film and multimedia industries.  We will be known for superior film and multimedia projects.  Our leadership, marketing and business techniques take the current industry standards to a different level.

Unlike the current system in place, where the producer and director wield ultimate power, our vision is to strike a balance between the different important visions involved with each project.  We’ve developed a unique check and balance system between, artist, production, management and partnerships.  This check and balance system insures financial responsibility, artistic integrity, and the highest quality product.

Kayl Perks Bio

Kayl Perks graduated from State College of Florida to pursue her dream career in the film industry.  Not only has she started her own independent production company, Obsidian Butterfly Productions, but also her work has been shown on TV and across the Internet.  She is currently working with other independent filmmakers to create compelling stories that will make an audience take notice.

Kayl enjoys the process of producing and the artistic freedom of cinematography when filming.   In her free time, Kayl loves to write screenplays, (all of those characters are clamoring to get out of her head).  Along with Max Hunter, Kayl has written three feature length scripts, one of which she will produce and direct later this year and she is currently writing a psychological thriller to be produced in 2014.

With her three cats vying for her lap, Kayl spends her free days writing, filming, editing, and dreaming of a gold statue that one day may grace her bookshelves.